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We are a new concept in the real estate market, helping people to achieve the best option, whether in the area of living or investment.

We differentiate ourselves by a personalized and exclusive BLUECOAST real estate advisory and consulting service that allows us to tailor the best offer available to the client.

As our client, you can find solutions to live or invest ranging from investment diagnosis, mediation and project management, rehabilitation and root construction and interior design teams.

We work with the best of the tourism and real estate development industry to offer the own housing or investment solution you are looking for, whether in Portugal or abroad.

A complete service, even the smallest, with a highly qualified team, experienced and with the necessary knowledge to achieve what it idealizes.



What do you find with us?


From the initial contact, a personalized real estate consulting service and an assessment of your profile and what you are looking for: whether to live or invest

We work with all kinds of customers and budgets.

For  the customer to Live:

Buying a house is the biggest investment in many people's lives: to live, raise a family or even leave it to their descendants. It is important to choose the right house for yourself and yours. Who doesn't dream of the dream house?

If you are looking for quality of life, whether in an apartment, villa, inserted in an urban environment or a farm, in turnkey project or with small remodels, we will certainly have what you are looking for and we will help you to achieve what you idealize.

For the client to Invest:

Looking for a way to capitalize investments or carry out projects in a profitable way in the real estate market?

Find with us the full service:

  • Investment support;
  • Creation of business plan;
  • Search, mediation and management of real estate assets;
  • Realization of remodeling or construction project;
  • Architecture and engineering teams;
  • Interior decoration and design ;
  • Support in terms of licensing and other legal issues.



We combine our client-centered vision with new emerging technologies in the real estate market to be able to offer you the best deal on the market.

Do not hesitate to contact us and hear the best value proposition for what you are looking for.