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Do you want to sell a property? Are you aware of all aspects of this process?

Selling a property involves starting by preparing the same and then follow a series of steps, procedures, legal and contractual issues.

That is, it is not enough to want to do business, it is necessary to devote time and have market knowledge, which in addition to time requires research and work.

Resorting to a real estate professional is a good bet for a simple and quick sale. Why? Above all, because you can best advise you at all stages of sale.

We present you the advantages of hiring a Real Estate Consultant.

1. The Real Estate Consultant knows the real estate market of your area and has experience in real estate transaction.

The work of this professional implies a deep knowledge of the market because daily deals with different clients, mostly properly informed, cases and situations. In this way, you are able to respond effectively to the challenges posed in the sale of your property.

In a short time, you will define, together with you, a commercial and marketing strategy for your property – you will discuss all the parameters of the transaction – by inserting it into the market.

2. The Real Estate Consultant has experience in identifying the target audience of the property

When the advertisement or the communication of sale of the property is not directed to a specific target, besides not reaching the consumer-type of your property, it will also attract visits that will never convert into sales, that is, you will be wasting time.

Knowing the target customer is a way of working to meet their expectations, creating an indispensable relationship of trust.

The Real Estate Consultant has, given the experience in the area, the ability to identify the characteristics of your property in the face of the characteristics of your property.

3. An experienced real estate consultant will know how to properly evaluate your property.

Often, owners have no real sense of the value of their property – which depends not only on the characteristics and conditions of the property (typology, state, need for remodeling, location) but also on the prices charged in the market for similar properties.

Do you know what your house is worth? Once again, as a result of the experience of working in the market, the Consultant will be able to make this assessment taking into account all the aspects that influence it.

4. The Real Estate Consultant knows what to do to value your home for sale

Before you put your house up for sale, there are a number of procedures that can enhance it even more.

From thorough cleaning, to more or less significant refurbishments, repairs or works, through the replacement of lamps, replacement or alteration of furniture, will redecorate the spaces, among other interventions – small changes can make all the difference and add value significantly.

A visit from a potential buyer is the first and only chance to positively impress you. The Consultant, knowing your target audience properly, will know how to value your home for an effective sale.

5. The Real Estate Consultant has availability and responsiveness to potential clients

Currently, we are faced with an informed consumer, who makes careful decisions based on research. The questions submitted by them should have a properly enlightening and true answer, but mainly fast, or the sale will be compromised from the outset.

Do you have enough time and availability to answer these questions or to schedule visits as promptly as possible?

A real estate agency will monitor the process daily, serving potential clients scheduling visits to the property quickly.

6. The Real Estate Advisor will be your sole intermediary

The process of selling a property implies that the owner, in doing so individually, has contact with different individuals.

In addition to potential buyers, it may be necessary to deal with the Real Estate Consultant of the first and other actors at the buyer's request, such as real estate appraisers, lawyers, banking institutions and even real estate inspection companies.

The agency, in the figure of the Real Estate Consultant, will take care of the mediation between himself and the buyer of the property, managing the interests of both and making the necessary negotiations.

7. The Real Estate Consultant is aware of all contractual and legal procedures

The sale of a property requires the signing of a contract of sale, which must appear much more than the agreed value and the name of the interveners.

These contracts consist of clauses, deadlines, contingencies.

Do you know how to properly write such a contract? Feel comfortable negotiating with the client parts of the contract?

One of the biggest obstacles to dealing with business individually is that this task implies legal and bureaucratic issues that require the hiring of a lawyer.

In the case of delivering this mission to a Real Estate Consultant, the same will be responsible for the promise-to-sell contract.

8. The Real Estate Consultant knows how and where to communicate his intention to sell

There are several ways to communicate that your property is for sale. You can do so by placing an ad on a real estate portal such as Imovirtual ("the number 1 of the Portuguese") or advertise it through other channels such as newspapers, specialized magazines, flyers...

Here, the real estate advisor's network of contacts makes a big difference, not least because he will know where his target audience is and what the best platform to reach it,

The agent has knowledge and tools in order to enhance the exposure, online or offline, of your property, with potential buyers of the same.

All these advantages, give real estate agencies and their professionals an increasing importance in the realization of real estate transactions.

For a successful and without mishaps, always advise yourself with a real estate professional!

SOURCE: Imovirtual