Interview about labor day for imovirtual blog:

"Bluecoast is much more than just a real estate agency. We make ourselves worth counseling. To anyone who wants to buy or sell their home. To all who want to enter the real estate market, from a perspective of pure investment. All this makes this profession always have its tone of defiance. Every day we deal with different people with different needs. It is important to find the solutions to meet the needs of those who use our services.

Paradigms are always changing and so we too have to be constantly adapted. It is this constant change that motivates me to do the best job possible and that is why I got into this business, to help people buy the house of their dreams. To help those who even without experience, want to invest safely and consistently in real estate.

At Bluecoast we have flexible schedules and great freedom to perform our work. We are in constant contact with many people and that contact is essential. And as essential as people, it's the places. You don't take your pulse to a city behind your desk. It is knowing well the terrain that is always aware of a market where decisions have to be informed, quickly, for the start of a solid investment.

All this makes learning constant in this career that also opens up very interesting possibilities for progression.

I genuinely like doing what I do, but if I had to find a less good side? Maybe the fact that we're always available. Every business has its own timing and we have to be available to get them to a good start."